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It was alright...

But the jokes are just not that funny (Except the Voodo Guy)
I know that this topic is perfect for making fun of, but even the Colbert Report couldn't make it funny, which really makes the subject unable to work with.

6 stars for trying, maybe something else would work better.

You're a real downer aren't you?

Is it just me, or do the two... um, Happy Unicorns seem to act real in this movie just a little bit more than the last two films?

That, to me, just made the film a better one and not just a straight up copy of the first two.

I'm not gonna ask how you cam up with the music.

The animation was good,
The music was great,
And my God, how can you not just bust out laughing after watching this.

This movie just completly reminded me of 80's cartoons.

The movie was great, keep up the good work!

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It's an OK game with a neat way of showing battle damage to your enemies, the character customization is also a nice touch. The thing that really needs to be looked at however is the lag. It gets tremendously slow at many points and really takes you away from the experience. Just work on this and I think it'll be a pretty solid little game.

Excellent work!

Even with all of the upgrades you can obtain this game is still a challenge. The game never got boring since, again, the challenge was just right for each level. Can't say anything about the music since I was listening to deadmau5 while playing (actually goes great with this game).
Thank you for the awesome game!

McFarlandBEATS responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for playing :)

How can you not love this?!

It's the perfect kind of game to play almost any time. The game's a shooter, there's upgrades, a ton of enemies on screen, and even when you have all the upgrades the game is still challenging.

Great job man, 10/10!

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Really digging the look, love the detailing in your linework.

The line work mixes so well with the color choices.

Love the choice in colors here, gives it a pleasant yet eerie tone.

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